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Rodent Control in Glendale, AZ

When using the Gopher Heaven machine you will never have to come in contact with any live or deceased underground rodent!
Caution: If you are using any type of traps, many underground rodents carry bubonic plague.
Use good protective gloves and dispose of both properly.


"We bought Gopher Heaven 3 weeks ago, used it 2 weeks ago and haven't seen any new activity in that time. We go outside and check all the time, but no new holes, mounds, or killed plants. We can hardly believe it! We have had gophers for 20 years, and have tried poison, garlic sticks, gum, expanding foam, traps, sonic vibration, water, caster oil granules, peppermint leaves and oil, and except for the expanding bug foam they have always come back, But this worked! Worth every penny."
Mary Rak reviewed Gopher Heaven — 4 star

Standard Gopher Heaven - $350.00
(EPA Device Producing Establishment No. 93751-AZ-1)
The Gopher Heaven Machine Standard Gopher Heaven Side View Gopher Heaven and Bucket

Gopher Heaven Snake Edition - $350.00
(When ordering put "Snake Edition" in comments at checkout)

GH ruler Gopher Heaven GH Snake

Hillsides, Under Foundations, Driveways, Roads, Side Walks
when more demanding rodent control exsists.
Flexible Steel Snake is 42 Inches long

Rodent-Free Field of Horses

The Gopher Heaven Machine is the Highest Quality  Lowest Price Rodent Control Machine in the World

If you have unwanted rodent problems on your property, count on your Gopher Heaven rodent control machine to take care of them for you. This product serves as a rodent control solution to help you oust moles, gophers, prairie dogs and other damaging rodents. Gopher Heaven is used by hundreds of individuals, Golf courses , resorts , cemeteries , cities and their parks , pest control companies , schools , horse and livestock owners and airports . Give a call if you have any special needs , glad to help . Steve Beatty

Rodent Control

How Simply Gopher Heaven Works  

There is only one GOPHER HEAVEN! Doing what others wish they could since 1969, Safely rid property of Gophers, Voles, Moles, Prairie Dogs and other underground damaging rodents and snakes, No poison baits, smoke bombs or traps, unlike wire and spring traps which are only about 30 % effective the Gopher Heaven is nearly 100% effective and one five minute treatment cost less than 20 cents and treats at least 5,000 square feet, easy to carry, start and weighs 21 lbs. and about the size of a five gallon bucket, just set on open Rodent hole, start engine, run five minutes, stop, cover hole .Not one at a time either , The Gopher Heaven takes care of the the WHOLE Family all at once. The carbon monoxide is forced into the hole at 22 PSI and being heavier than air it remains underground and in short order the rodents are put to sleep FOREVER! Full price for the Gopher Heaven is $400. That includes the $50. two day insured shipping delivered to you in the USA. I am 72 years young and the Inventor/Manufacture, no middle man, Thanks for looking . Steve 623-842-3902 www.GOPHERHEAVEN.COM

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