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Rodent Control

Reliable Rodent Control Solutions in Glendale, AZ

Based in Glendale, Arizona, Steve Beatty manufactures The Gopher Heaven machine is an effective rodent control solutions that makes residential or commercial property rodent-free. The Gopher Heaven machine eliminates gophers, voles, prarie dogs, moles and any other underground rodent. 

Rodent Control Solutions in Glendale, AZ

Thorough Rodent Solution

The heart of The Gopher Heaven machine is a small four-cycle industrial engine. This equipment weighs 21 lbs. and it is tested and proven to eradicate different types of rodents. These include:

Moles | Gophers | Prairie Dogs | Voles

For Every Property

Protect your land or property from a variety of rodents. Steve's product is recommended for owners of:

Farms | Ranches | Golf Courses | Resorts | City Parks | Airports

Simple Directions

You safely rid your property of gophers, moles and prarie dogs with no poisons, smoke bombs or traps. One five-minute treatment costs less than 20 cents and treats up to 5,000sq ft. Easy to carry and start -  just set on an open rodent hole, start engine, run five minutes, stop, cover hole, done.  This sends your rodent problem to gopher heaven—deterring others from moving in.

Pricing Details

Unlike traps, poisons, and smoke bombs, Gopher Heaven is nearly 100% effective and can treat up to 5,000 sq. ft. with just one application. At only 20 cents per application, it is truly a great deal. The Gopher Heaven machine costs $450 plus a priority mail shipping fee of $50. The equipment is tracked and packed well. Steve makes sure that the product will be shipped to you safely—anywhere in the US.